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Administration Building Basement Electrical Plan Sheet 041
Administration Building Basement Piping Plan Sheet 022
Administration Building Electrical Floor Plan Sheet 033
Administration Building Existing Conditions & Removals Sheet 023
Administration Building HVAC Plan Sheet 040
Administration Building Miscellaneous Details Sheet 026
Administration Building Proposed Conditions Sheet 024
Administration Building Roof Extension Plan & Details Sheet 027
Administrations Building Miscellaneous Details Sheet 025
Aeration System Blower Building Plans & Elevations Sheet 020
Aeration System Blower Building Sections & Details Sheet 021
Aeration Tank Modifications Sheet 018
Aeration Tank Sections And Details Sheet 019
Bethlehem Sewer District Cover WasteWater Treatment Sheet 001
Circuit And Panel Schedules Sheet 038
Clarifier Equipment Details Sheet 031
Clarifier Structural Details Sheet 030
Electrical One-Line Diagram Sheet 035
Electrical One-Line Diagram Sheet 036
Grit Removal Structure Plans & Sections Sheet 010
Hopper And Stair Details Sheet 017
Legend And Abbreviations Sheet 002
Miscellaneous Building Details Sheet 012
Miscellaneous Electrical Details Sheet 034
Piping Profiles & Details Sheet 006
Piping Profiles Sheet 005
Plant Fire Alarm System Sheet 042
Preliminary Treatment Building Electrical Floor Plan Sheet 032
Preliminary Treatment Building Elevations Sheet 014
Preliminary Treatment Building Elevations Sheet 015
Preliminary Treatment Building Equipment Details Sheet 016
Preliminary Treatment Building First Floor Plan Sheet 011
Preliminary Treatment Building Foundation Plan Sheet 007
Preliminary Treatment Building Foundation Sections & Details Sheet 009
Preliminary Treatment Building Foundation Sections Sheet 008
Preliminary Treatment Building Plumbing And Heating Plan Sheet 039
Preliminary Treatment Building Roof Framing Plan Sheet 013
Process Flow Diagram Sheet 043
SCADA System Sheet 037
Site Piping Plan Sheet 004
Site Plan Sheet 003
Sludge Mixing System Blower Building Sheet 029
Sludge Mixing System Modifications Sheet 028