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Adams Place @ Kenwood Ave. Sheet 016
Bank Survey Nick Ippolito Corner Delaware Avenue & Kenwood Avenue Sheet 013
Branch Bank Bethlehem Office Site Plan Sheet 006
Delaware Ave. & Adams Street Sheet 014
Diagram At Property Of Henry B. Wynkoop Sheet 007
Diagram Of Property Of E.P. Burnham Village Of Delmar Sheet 001
Map Of Property Adams Place-Kenwood Ave. And Furman Place Sheet 003
Map Of Property Of Manufactures Hanover Trust Company Capital Region Sheet 010
Map Of Property Of New York Telephone Co. Sheet 008
Map Of Property Of Second Reformed Dutch Church Sheet 005
Map Of Property Of Stephen R. Walley Sheet 002
Map Of Property Of Vincent Spinosa And Adjacent Properties Sheet 004
Map Of Proposed Of Schnurr And Wood Delmar Sheet 015
Proposed Drainage Adams Place Forest Rd
Sketch Showing Existing Utilities Near St. Thomas Church Adams Place Sheet 011
Storm Drainage And Utilities Between Adams And Delaware Ave. Sheet 009
Utilities At Adams Place @ Kenwood Avenue Sheet 012