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614 Route 9W Glenmont Proposed Site Plan
Access Rd-NY Rt 9W Sewerage Plan Sheet 021
Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital Site Plan And Details Sheet 003
Development Of Service Station 11597 Plot Plan Sheet 022
Glenmont storage sewer
J.K.C. Realty L.C.C. 448 Route 9W Exicting & Proposed Site Plan Sheet 025
Killough Industrial Park Lands Of Rosen And Michaels Sheet 008
Lands Of Betmar Holding Corp. Sheet 010
Layout Of New Water Main Glenmont Elementary School Sheet 001
Map Of Survey Property On U.S. Rt. 9W For Big V Properties Sheet 023
Map Of Bethlehem Industrial Park Sheet 018
Map Of Property Of Betmar Holding Corp. Sheet 004
Map Of Property Of Dairy Queen Sheet 002
Map Of Property Of James Killough Estate Sheet 019
Map Of Property Of U.S. Route 9W For V.S.H. Realty Inc. Sheet 017
Map Of Property To Be Conveyed By Allen Estate Sheet 013
Map Of Property To Be Conveyed To Bethlehem Auto Laundry Sheet 014
Map Of Survey Of Lands Of Scotti Realty Corp. Sheet 009
Map Of Survey On NYS Rt 9W And NYS Rt 32 For Rappazzo Sheet 024
Preliminary Plat Map Of Gould Park Sheet 006
Preliminary Plat Of Sherwood Sheet 007
Preliminary Plat Proposed Subdivision Property Of Facchetti Sheet 012
Proposed Service Station Layout-Wiring & Piping Sheet 020
Service Station Routes 32 & 9W Construction Plot Plan Sheet 005
Site Plan For Lands Of Courtney Properties Inc. Sheet 026
Survey Map Of Lands To Be Conveyed To Kevin G. Langan Sheet 011
Tac's Auto Body Elevation And Details Sheet 016
Tac's Auto Body Proposed Building Addition Sheet 015