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3/22/2007 Land And Drainage Easements To Be Conveyed By Arthur Sheet 002.TIF
3/22/2007 Map Of Property Of J. White Strong Estate Sheet 005.TIF
3/22/2007 Map Of Property To Be Leased By Whitehead Brothers Co. Inc. Sheet 008.TIF
3/22/2007 Map Portion Of Property Of White Brothers Co. Inc. Sheet 013.TIF
3/22/2007 Map Showing Topographic Survey At Kenwood Ave. & Grove St. Sheet 009.TIF
3/22/2007 New Dental Office Bldg. For Drs. Hart & Wilson Site Plan Sheet 012.TIF
3/22/2007 Profile Along Center Line Of Finished Roadway Arthur Terrace Sheet 007.TIF
3/22/2007 Proposed Lots #1-9 Inc. Lands Of Ray F. Arthur Sheet 006.TIF
3/22/2007 Proposed Office Building 834 Kenwood Ave. Site Plan Sheet 011.TIF
3/22/2007 Proposed Parking Expansion For Lands Of Wilson And Hart Sheet 003.TIF
3/22/2007 Site Plan & Septic Proposed E-Z Shop Store Sheet 004.TIF
9/29/2015 Street Layout Arthur Property Sheet 001.TIF
10/16/2015 SUB065