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5/2/2007 Fidelity Bank And Trust Company 011.TIF
5/2/2007 Intersection Of Delaware Ave. & Kenwood Ave. 012.TIF
5/2/2007 Map Of Properties Of Wood & Schnurr 013.TIF
5/2/2007 Map Of Property Of Vanvalkenburgh Estate 010.TIF
5/2/2007 Map Of Property To Be Conveyed To Fidelity Bank And Trust Company 006.TIF
5/2/2007 National Savings Bank 007.TIF
5/2/2007 National Savings Bank Site 014.TIF
10/21/2015 SUB105 Howard Subdivision
10/21/2015 SUB145 Cedar Ridge Section 3
10/21/2015 SUB193 Howard Subdivision