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6/2/2008 614 Route 9W Glenmont Proposed Site Plan.TIF
10/27/2015 Access Rd-NY Rt 9W Sewerage Plan Sheet 021.TIF
2/20/2007 Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital Site Plan And Details Sheet 003.TIF
10/27/2015 Development Of Service Station 11597 Plot Plan Sheet 022.TIF
4/22/2009 Glenmont Self Storage Force Main.TIF
12/17/2008 Glenmont storage sewer.TIF
10/27/2015 Killough Industrial Park Lands Of Rosen And Michaels Sheet 008.TIF
2/20/2007 Lands Of Betmar Holding Corp. Sheet 010.TIF
2/20/2007 Layout Of New Water Main Glenmont Elementary School Sheet 001.TIF
10/27/2015 Map Of Survey Property On U.S. Rt. 9W For Big V Properties Sheet 023.TIF
10/27/2015 Map Of Bethlehem Industrial Park Sheet 018.TIF
2/20/2007 Map Of Property Of Betmar Holding Corp. Sheet 004.TIF
2/20/2007 Map Of Property Of Dairy Queen Sheet 002.TIF
10/27/2015 Map Of Property Of James Killough Estate Sheet 019.TIF
10/27/2015 Map Of Property Of U.S. Route 9W For V.S.H. Realty Inc. Sheet 017.TIF
10/27/2015 Map Of Property To Be Conveyed By Allen Estate Sheet 013.TIF
2/20/2007 Map Of Property To Be Conveyed To Bethlehem Auto Laundry Sheet 014.TIF
2/20/2007 Map Of Survey Of Lands Of Scotti Realty Corp. Sheet 009.TIF
10/27/2015 Map Of Survey On NYS Rt 9W And NYS Rt 32 For Rappazzo Sheet 024.TIF
2/20/2007 Preliminary Plat Map Of Gould Park Sheet 006.TIF
2/20/2007 Preliminary Plat Of Sherwood Sheet 007.TIF
10/27/2015 Preliminary Plat Proposed Subdivision Property Of Facchetti Sheet 012.TIF
10/27/2015 Proposed Service Station Layout-Wiring & Piping Sheet 020.TIF
10/27/2015 Service Station Routes 32 & 9W Construction Plot Plan Sheet 005.TIF
10/28/2015 SPA034A4 Capital Cities Imported Cars
10/28/2015 SPA123
10/28/2015 SPA123 Whiting Insurance Agency
2/20/2007 Survey Map Of Lands To Be Conveyed To Kevin G. Langan Sheet 011.TIF
10/27/2015 Tac's Auto Body Elevation And Details Sheet 016.TIF
10/27/2015 Tac's Auto Body Proposed Building Addition Sheet 015.TIF