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Adams at Winnie
Adams Pl at Adams St
Adams Pl at Forest
Adams Pl at Main and Oakwood
Adams Pl at Roweland
Albin at Wisconsin
Alden at Werner
Alden Ct at Werner
Arthur Ter at Bradford Pl
Bartlet at Sunset
Bartlet at Sunset2
Bayberry at Route 32
Bayberry E at Derry La
Becker at Delaware
Becker Ter at Orchard
Bender La at Harrison Ave
Bender La at Alden Ct
Bender La at Harrison Ave
Bender La at Harrison
Bender Lane at Alden Ct
Bender Lane Ft Orange Dr
Betsy at Winne
Borthwick at Bennett Dr
Borthwick at McMillan
Borthwick at Stratton
Bridge at McCormack
Bridge St at McCormack1
Brockley Dr at St no 2
Brockley Dr
Brookman at Grant St
Brookman at Grant
Brookman at Mason
Brookman at Winslow
Brookview at Gladwish
Brookview at Kenwood
Brookview Ave at Shetland Dr
Burhans at Salisbury
Cambridge Dr at Coventry
Capitol at Burhans
Capitol at Euclid
Capitol at Salisbury
Capitol Ave at Burhans
Carson at Sibley
Carson at Wayne Pl
Center La at Marlboro
Center St Extension
Charles Ave at Orchard
Cherry at Huron
Cherry at Orchard
Cherry Ave at Orchard St
Cherry Ave at Orchard
Chestnut at Woodbine
Crannell at Grant
Crannell at Lenox
Crannell At Mason
Crannell at Winslow
Crannell Ave at Grant
Custer at Cherry
Darroch at Murray
Darroch at Partridge
Darroch at Pole 7
Darrock at Marlboro
Darrock at Partridge
Darrock Rd at Winne
Delaware at Adams St
Delaware at Albrecht
Delaware at Becker Ter
Delaware at Bedell
Delaware at Booth
Delaware at Borthwick Ave
Delaware at Burhans - Snowdon
Delaware at Burhans
Delaware at Cherry
Delaware at DandH Underpass
Delaware at Elm and Cherry
Delaware at Elsmere - Groesbec
Delaware at Euclid
Delaware at Grant
Delaware at Groesbeck Pl and Elsmere
Delaware at Herrick Ave
Delaware at High School
Delaware at Lincoln
Delaware at Lincon
Delaware at Maple Ter
Delaware at Mason Rd
Delaware at Mason
Delaware at Millowbrook
Delaware at Oakwood Pl
Delaware at Plymouth
Delaware at Pub Market
Delaware at Roweland Ave
Delaware at Rural Pl
Delaware at Salisbury St
Delaware at Salisbury
Delaware at Shop Center and North Blvd
Delaware at St Clair
Delaware at Village Dr
Delaware Ave at Brockley Dr
Delaware Ave at Grove St
Delmar Pl at Adams St
Delmar Pl at Adams
Delmar Pl at Douglas Rd
Delmar Pl at Douglas
Delmar Pl at Pine View Ave
Delmar Pl at Wellington Rd
Delmar Pl at Wellington
Devon at Brookview
Devon at Dumbarton
Douglas at Birchwood
Drury La at Saybrook
Dumbarton at Brookview
Dumbarton at Crossway
Dumbarton at Gladwish Rd
Dumbarton at Greenock
Dykeman at Mosher
East Bayberry at Concord
East Bayberry at Old Coach Rd
East Fernbank at Drury Ln
Elm at Murray
Elm at South of Delaware
Elm Ave at Longwood Dr
Elm Ave at Murray
Elm Ave at South of Delaware
Elm Ave btwn Delaware Ave and Murray
Elm Ave Murray
Elm Ave South of Del
Elsmere at Bender La
Elsmere at Bender
Elsmere at Herber
Elsmere at Maple
Elsmere at Murlin Dr
Elsmere at Murlin
Elsmere at Murray
Elsmere at Norge
Elsmere at South of Bender La
Elsmere at Wellington
Elsmere Shopping Center
Elsworth at Bedell
Elsworth at Lincoln
Fernbank at Brookside
Fernbank at Elsmere Ave
Fernbank at Elsmere
Fernbank at Jordan
Fernbank at Pleiades
Fernbank at Sylvan
Fernbank at Wisconsin
Font Grove at New Scotland
Forest at Lake Pl
Forest Rd at Lake
Furnam Pl at Pine View Ave
Gardner at Hudson
Greenleaf at Woodridge
Greenock at Berwick
Greenock at Crossway
Greenock at Devon
Greenock at Hartwood
Grove St at Orchard
Harrison at South of Kenwood
Hartwood at Dumbarton
Haskell at Lansing
Haskell Pl at Preston Rd
Hawthorne at Douglas
Hawthorne at Roweland
Hawthorne at Wellington
Hawthorne at Winne
Heber at Elsmere
Helderberg Pkwy at Maplewood
Helderberg Pky at Mayfair
Herber - Poplar at Ridge Rd
Herber at Glenville
Herber at Poplar
Herber at Ridge
Herber Ave at Rosecourt
Herber Ave at Winding
Herrick at Orchard
Hudson at North St
Hudson Ave at Bailey Ave
Hudson Ave at Harding
Hudson Ave at Hunter Rd
Hudson Ave at Salisbury and Bailey
Huron at Lansing
Huron at McKinley
Jordan at Roweland
Jordan at Winne
Kenaware at Huron
Kenaware at Stratton
Kenaware at Werner Pkwy
Kenaware Pkwy at Warner Pkwy
Kenwood at Alden Ct and Leland
Kenwood at Adams Pl
Kenwood at Adams St
Kenwood at Adraince
Kenwood at Alden Ct - Greenleaf
Kenwood at Borthwick
Kenwood at Brookview and Rockefeller
Kenwood at Brookview
Kenwood at Cherry
Kenwood at Dawson
Kenwood at Delaware
Kenwood at Delmar Pl
Kenwood at Delsmere
Kenwood at Dumbarton
Kenwood at East Grove
Kenwood at Elsmere
Kenwood at Furnam Ave
Kenwood at Gardner Ter
Kenwood at Glendale
Kenwood at Harrison Ave
Kenwood at Homestead and Orchard
Kenwood at Main or Oakwood
Kenwood at Mason Rd
Kenwood at Mason
Kenwood at Montrose
Kenwood at Orchard
Kenwood at Pine - Maywood
Kenwood at Pine and Maywood
Kenwood at Pine and Stanford
Kenwood at Pine and Woodridge
Kenwood at Ridge Rd
Kenwood at Sawmill
Kenwood at Union
Kenwood at Water St
Kenwood at West Grove
Kenwood at Woodbine
Kenwood at Woodridge
Kenwood Ave at Cherry
Kenwood Ave at Kenaware Ave
Kenwood Ave at Kilmer Ct
Kenwood Ave at McKinley Dr
Kenwood Ave at Meadowland St
Kenwood Tank Control
Kenwood west of Gardner
Kieth at Winne and Fernbank
Lansing at Dawson
Longwood Dr at Galway
Louise at Roweland
Louise at Roweland2
Louise at Winne and Fernbank
Louise at Winnie and Fernbank
Lyons Ave at Partridge
Marlboro at Dykeman
Marlboro at South of Adams
Mason Rd at Brookman
Mason Rd at Crannel
Mason Rd at Delaware
Murlin at Harrison
Murray at Partridge
Nathaniel at Borthwick
Nathaniel Blvd at Adams St
Nathaniel Blvd at Borthwick Ave
Nathaniel Blvd at Dyer Pl
New Scotland 10in Main
New Scotland and Slingerlands St
New Scotland at Bridge
New Scotland at Carstead
New Scotland at Font Grove
New Scotland at Helderberg Pky
New Scotland at Helderberg
New Scotland at Hooker
New Scotland at Kenwood
New Scotland at Longs
New Scotland at Maple
New Scotland at Maplewood
New Scotland at Mattice
New Scotland at Mayfair
New Scotland at Schiller
New Scotland at Slingerlands St
Normanside at Burhans
Normanside at Euclid
Normanside at Salisbury
Normanskill Bvd Beth Ct
North St at Harding
Oldox at Marlboro
Oldox at Paxwood
Oldox at Tamarack
Oliver Rd at Helderberg Pkwy
Orchard at Chas
Orchard at First
Orchard at Magden
Orchard at Tamarack
Orchard at Union
Palmer at Winne and Fernbank
Park Pl at Herrick
Park Pl at Herrick2
Pine at Werner
Pinedale at Roweland
Pinedale at Winne
Preston at Dawson
Preston at Stratton
Reid Pl at Pine Tree
Rockefeller Rd at Mill Rd
Rockefeller Rd at Sewage Treatment Plant Rd
Roweland at Center
Roweland at Darrock Rd
Roweland at Darrock
Roweland at Lake Pl
Roweland at Louise
Roweland at Lousie
Royal Blvd at Minnowbrook
Shetland at Haddington
Southwood at New Scotland
Southwood at Thorndale
St Clair at Custer
St Clair at Dawson
St Clair at Huron
St Clair at Sibley
St Clair at Wayne Pl
Stratton Pl at Lansing
Sunset at Herrick
Sunset Dr and Hyd Above Bartlett
Sutherland Ct at Shetland Dr
The Crossway at Haddington
The Crossway at Montrose
Thorndale 2nd Hydrant
Thorndale Rd at Southwood Dr
Thruway Bldg at Delaware Ave
Tierney Dr at Heather
Tierney Dr at Mosher
Union at School
Union Ave South at Rita Dr
W Bayberry at Cambridge
W Bayberry at Concord Rd
W Bayberry at Coventry
W Bayberry at Drury La
Weiser St at Chapel Ln
Wellington at Birchwood
Wellington at Carlton
Wellington at Forest
Wellington at Hawthorne
Wellington at Roweland
Wellington at Sylvan
Wellington at Winne
Wemple at BrynMawr and Beacon
West Bayberry at N Bayberry
West Bayberry at Old Coach Rd
Westchester at Betsey La
Westchester at Wisconsin
Western at First
Western at Second
Western at Union
Western Ave at First St
Western Ave at Union Ave
Wexford at Elm
Wexford at Galway
Wilshire Pkwy at Wilshire Dr
Winne at Center
Winne at Fernbank
Winne Rd at 173-175
Winne Rd at Center La
Winne Rd at Fernbank
Winne Rd at Wisconsin
Wisconsin at Westchester
Woodbine Rd at Oak Rd